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Other Applications

Take home and continue the learning!


If the children viewing this show wish to play along with the song being taught in an episode, parents could get them a Ty and Allegra xylophone. This xylophone could have a music book with it that would have songs from the show. The music book would enable the children to continue playing songs on their own when they’re not watching the show. Parents could also get DVDs of Ty and Allegra so they could play along with the show. The DVDs would also have a Staccato dancing section to encourage children to get up and get moving.


Only a click away!


Ty and Allegra lends itself well to games for the Web and Mobile spaces. Players could play along on a digital xylophone where the cursor is the mallet. A mobile games could also be made available so children could interact with Ty, Allegra and Staccato.

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