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The Episodes

Star Gazing


Ty and Allegra’s Grandpa goes on nightly walks. Grandpa always stops at the top of one place in particular called Moonlight Hill. Ty, Allegra and Staccato wonder what he’s doing. They decide to have a stakeout to see what Grandpa is doing.  So they camp out in the back yard of Ty and Allegra’s home and wait until they see Grandpa go by for his walk to Moonlight Hill. They ask him what he’s doing when they catch up with him. Grandpa explains that he is star gazing and that it reminds him of a song he used to sing when he was their age, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Grandpa teaches the song to the kids and Ty plays it on his xylophone.


Floating Along


Ty, Allegra and Staccato decide to go to Blue Wave River. Armed with lunches their parents packed for them they spend the day exploring the riverbank. They hear someone singing nearby. It’s a desert cat girl name Dusty. She is in a rowboat fishing in a slow part of the river. They call outto her. She rows to shore singing her song. Dusty explains to them that she is fishing and asks if they would like to join her. Ty excitedly agrees and the three of them join Dusty on the rowboat. She teaches them to fish and her song, Row Row Row your Boat. Out comes Ty’s xylophone!


Cousin Claude


Ty and Allegra are very excited that their cousin Claude came all the way from France to visit them in the desert.  Claude is a lot of fun as they show him around town, but he has a little too much energy for Ty, Allegra, and Staccato to handle. The three of them run out of gas and take a nap in the shade of a large desert bush. Claude waits impatiently for them to wake up again and starts singing, Frére Jacques. Ty wakes up groggily asking him what he’s singing. Claude explains that the song translates to Are You Sleeping. Ty asks him to sing it again while he plays along on his xylophone.

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