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Log Line/Treatment

Log Line


Ty is an adventurous little coyote with a love of music. He roams his desert neighborhood with his little sister Allegra and her best friend Staccato. Together, they learn new songs from the people they meet, and encourage the viewer to play along on their xylophone, sing along, or dance along with Staccato. Playing the music utilizes the mind while dancing to the music exercises the body.




Ty and Allegra is a 2D animated show where the main character learns a new song from another character in every episode. Near the end of each episode, there will be a segment where Ty and the others would teach that song to the audience. A xylophone would be positioned in the foreground as if the viewer was going to play it. Ty, Allegra, and Staccato are behind the xylophone instructing the viewer how to play the song on their xylophone or sing along if the viewer doesn’t have a xylophone. The songs would be old favorites as illustrated in the footer, and some new original children’s songs. 


After the song section Ty and the others would “interview” a child who would talk about how much they love music. There would be a few minutes of that child playing their music at home, part of a band or at school. Sometimes it would be a celebrity like Yoyo Ma or Stevie Wonder but more focusing on children. This interview section would be back and forth from Ty, Allegra and Staccato in 2D and the children being interviewed in live action.

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